Welcome to MossyCode 

We offer a collection of high-quality FiveM QBCore scripts for your server. Please feel free to peruse the collection and get you something nice for your players!

If you have any questions please look in the sidebar for contact details.

About MossyCode.com

MossyCode.com was launched in July 2022 by Dustin Slane. MossyCode is a brand under which Dustin wants to create a collection of quality FiveM scripts.

The Name

MossyCode got it's name from Dustin's love for nature. Moss can be found in cool, shaded locations in the forest. It absorbs a lot of harmful toxins from wet areas, making them clean and also keeping the soil erosion free due to its water-absorbing properties. Moreover, it just looks cool and feels fuzzy!

About Dustin Slane

Dustin has been in the FiveM coding community since early 2018 and has worked on various different, well-known roleplaying servers such as TheFamilyRP, BeaconRP and NewDayRP.

Dustin is a perfectionist who strives for high-quality code that is intuitive for the players.