Treasure Hunting / Dowsing for QBCore


This is a quality and fun resource for your QBCORE server. Players will love the thrill of finding items across the map.

Perfect for any roleplay servers civilian population.

Credits to PirateKittyCat aka Wendy for the original idea.

This resource uses the FiveM escrow service.



  • 0.01 MS tick time
  • Items buried in configurable areas across the map randomly based on noise pattern
  • Different seed each server restart meaning that the dig sites will never be the same across restarts!
  • Shared item pool, once an item has been dug up it's dug up for everyone until the server restarts.
  • Items are only buried under soil that you could put a shovel in. No digging on the paved highway!
  • Prop, animation and audio beeps to guide the player.
  • Uses PolyZone for increased performance
  • Extensive configuration
  • Notifications and integration with progress bar
  • Update checker which will tell you when to update
  • Cayo Perico support


  • Discord server with ticket system where I will personally help you with any issues you may encounter
  • Requests for new features or changes
  • Custom services ( example: creating custom configuration for you ) though these may cost some money


  • Support for custom notification system through events
  • Item name can be changed
  • Debugging options to see what is spawning where
  • Maximum distance the dowsing device will search
  • Maximum distance before a signal is lost
  • Time it takes to dig up an item
  • The noise floor - meaning the likelyhood of items spawning
  • The Dig Key (default E)
  • Loot Table and loot tier chance
  • Customizable polygon areas. Don't want it spawning items somewhere? Add a polyzone!


  1. qb-core 
  2. qb-inventory
  3. PolyZone
  4. (optional) qb-shops
  5. (optional though reccommended) interact-sound


Version 1.1.5 

->  Resolve issue where beeper did not beep and it didn't work.
-> If it did not do anything before, please give this version a shot.
-> Note: this also works on older QBCore installations.

Version 1.1.4
-> Fix dowsing generating two digsites per spot

Version 1.1.3
-> Added an update checker!
-> Added support for Cayo Perico!
-> Improve performance
-> Add clearer debug messages

Version 1.1.0
- Use interact-sound instead of relying on the native PlaySoundFrontend. You will have to copy over some files into the interact-sound resource. The config file will have a volume value you can tweak. See the updated README file for more information.
- Added QB-Log support. When an item is dug up it will log to a webhook you can set up. Configure a webhook name in the config file. See README and QBCore Logging documentation for more information.

Version 1.0.1
Fixed an issue where it would require the resource name to be 'mcdowsing' for an export to work.

Need help?


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