Player Dog Emotes & Car Seating | Standalone | Escrow

MossyCode Doggo Script


The script allows the user control their ped when they are a dog. This script does not provide a way to change your ped into a dog.

This script is compatible with all frameworks and was tested on a bare FiveM server with only vMenu installed to change into a dog ped.

This script is encrypted using FiveM escrow service. Config file is unencrypted.

  • Dogs can get in cars properly with the proper animation and the proper seating position. They can only get in on the right side because of animation restrictions.
  • Network Synchronized car enter/exit animations. These can be buggy however ( other players might see the dog disappear for a moment but other times it works fine. )
  • Press HOME (configurable) to bring up the legend to show options for animations
  • Automatically will start and stop the script if it detects that your model changes into a dog.



Dog models

Only certain models are fully supported because of Rockstar model rigging.

The following models are fully supported

  • a_c_chop
  • a_c_rottweiler
  • a_c_shepherd

The following models work with animations but they don't bark. This is a limitation in the game itself.

  • a_c_husky
  • a_c_retriever

Other dog models / animal models are not supported.


0.00ms when inactive.

0.05ms when active and idle on a dog ped

0.10ms when animation is running / dog is entering car etc.

+0.15ms when HUD is active